Snack Bar Fashion Show

Source: "Snack-bar wraps get fashion-forward makeover" by Mohan, Anne Marie,

When you think about food industry , the last thing that should come to mind would be a fashion show competition. But before we dive into a discussion, let's think about what the two industries have in common: Brand competition, appeal to the customer, and a constantly evolving platform on how these products are delivered to the customers. These examples are just an illustration of how two vastly different products can share some of the same business tactis to draw their product to the eye of the customer over another competing company.

As technology evolves, new avenues to purchase goods are steamlined into every day life and for the companies that can capitalize on consumer trends, that can be very beneficial for establishing and maintaining top brands in the marketplace. Trends that play towards the modern-day consumer are crucial for analysts to identify and flex production towards to either keep up with the competition or set them head from the rest of the field. Trends such as "Good for you", dedicated percentage of sales towards a cause, gluten free; it seems like there are new vehicles to set products ahead of the competition, and packaging must do the same.

A snack bar company is doing just that. They are teaming up with fashion designers and propelling primary packaging designs that are completely unique on the shelf. The brand "This Bar Saves Lives" has specific goal in mind: " Creating different designs for each flavor that feel very distinct, while still maintaining a cohesive visual identity for the entire portfolio". A refreshing brand with a "design-driven approach" helps this snack bar stand out on the shelf and e-commerce by incorporating designs that clearly show the contents of each bar, which plays into the consumer draw.

How do you think much larger companies with established brands could approach this new-found packaging era of fashion statements? Could a combination of primary and secondary packaging be the key to success? What are some other key components that consumers are looking for when shopping (either online or in-store) that will be the next trend? The change is now, and on a shelf near you.

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